Sixth National Surfing Circuit Date Set For Upcoming Weekend in Playa Jaco June 26 2019


Last contest Open Men's finalists at Lola's in Playa Avellanas.

The National Surfing Circuit is coming to Jaco this upcoming weekend of June 29th and 30th.

The much anticipated annual event will take place in front of Jaco Blu on the beach town's north end. The main sponsor of the event run by the Federation of Surf Costa Rica is Coldwell Banker, thus giving its name to the Circuit's date, Copa Coldwell Banker.  

Many of Costa Rica's competitive surfers hail from Playa Jaco thus the "jacobenos" and their fans always look forward to this date in the series of seven contests.

Jair Perez Quiros of Playa Jaco has already secured the championship win this season for Open Men's by gaining enough points in the previous five contests. He is looking forward to bringing his best game to his home break as well as the season's finale for a possible highest circuit point total in the FSC's history. The vie for runner up title is a close race between Olman Morale and Gilbert Brown, who leads the Masters.

The race is still tight for many of the other categories, including Open Women's and Junior Women's between Rubiana Brownell and Paulina Summers, Junior and Boys title with Sam Reidy leading 2nd and 3rd spots by Aaron Ramirez, Cedric McCracken and Darshan Antequerra r respectively.The closest race for the title may be the Girls Category with the first and fifth position only separated by a hundred points. 

The Grand Finale will be next month in the country's national Stadium of Surf in front of the Playa Hermosa's Back Yard Bar. 

Other sponsors of the Jaco event include kolbi, VISSLA, Junta de Proteccion Social, Reef, ICODER, Surfing Republica, Banzaii, House of Marley, Monster Energy, Envision Festival and Selina Beach Club. 

Follow event updates at or stop by if you are in town. The talent will be spectacular and the waves are expected to be pumping all weekend long. 

We look forward to seeing you there!