Selina Jaco Settles With A Splash In New Location June 28 2017

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Hostels can be the perfect places and settings for international travellers to experience other cultures and connect with others. In our last article we reported on Room2Board hostel located on the beachfront south end of Playa Jaco. A few months ago, another exceptional hostel with quite a different style but equally good vibes opened in central Jaco, right on the beach. Selina Jaco is the sixth and newest in a chain of Selina hostels found throughout Costa Rica. The new location has an inviting feel with colorfully designed areas and  a 360 degree view of the waves.

We had the chance to meet with Carla Lesano Belmonte and Ehab Rashid. Carla arrived from Selena Manual Antonio location to serve as the Community/Marketing/Events Manager at Selina Jaco. Ehab Rashid is the Location Manager who previously worked at both Selina Manual Antonio and Selina Tamarindo. We saw the range of rooms at Selina Jaco, all colorfully decorated in contemporary design, and some of the other features at the hostel, including a small but well stocked library, "workcation," and mini movie theater. 

PVBG:  What do you love about working for Selina Jaco?

Carla:    We have a beautiful beach-front location at one of the best surf spots in Jaco, an ocean-view restaurant and 360 degree beach bar which serve as the venue for many musical events. Our staff is friendly and fun, with a strong customer-service mentality..

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Yor Ureña: Explore Manager,Carla Lesano: Marketing&Community Manager
Jacqueline Diaz de Villegas: Food&Beverage Manager
Ehab Rasshid:  Location Manager
Lucia Duchynka: Bar Supervisor

PVBG:  Does Selina Jaco offer surf instruction or just board rental? What is the Selina Surf Club? What other activities can guests enjoy on the premises?

Ehab:  The Selina Surf Club offers private and group surf and SUP lessons and tours, daily surf trips in and around Jaco and well-known spots along the Central Pacific coast, We have surfboard, boogie board, SUP, snorkelling gear and bicycle rentals as well as weekly surf camps and packages.

Selina Surf Club is the hub for all surf related activities. 

We also offer yoga classes, with one free each week. We just had our first free salsa class last Friday.  In the future we would like to add aerial yoga, MMA volleyball tournaments on the beach and other social activities. 

PVBG:  What are the most popular tours Selina Jaco offers, other than surf-related?

Ehab:    The most popular tours are Jose’s Crocodile tour on the Tarcoles river, sunset horseback-riding to the Mirador,  Vista los Sueño Canopy Zipline, Waterfall canyoning and 3-pools waterfall tour, Rainmaker rainforest & Canopy Bridge tour and ATV tours.

We also offer transportation to all major destinations in Costa Rica (shuttles, boat taxi etc.)

PVBG:  Explain the concept of Selina´s "workcations." 

Carla::   We have a co-working space (business center) within each of our locations. It is a space that you can use while you are travelling and need a quiet space to work. It is open to our guests and to the public for a fee.  

PVBG:  What are some examples of the sustainable activities that are mentioned?

Carla:   Selina hostels has founded a company-wide project called Selina Gives Back which focuses on Environment, Education, Entrepreneurship and Culture.

Through this program we want to engage the community and our guests to be involved in activities, workshops and events that will make a difference on their stay as well as the community that they are visiting.  

These would include activities like beach cleanups, recycling workshops, reforestation, sustainability and mentorship programs We recently participated in a beach clean-up with Karma Tribe. 

A private room, shared dorm room and the shared kitchen space at Selina Jaco

Selina Jaco has 31 rooms in total, including 12 dorm rooms and 19 private rooms. The prices range from $13 per night for a 10-18 bed dorm to $130 nightly for a Unique room. Standard rooms are $59 a night. All private rooms can be shared by two people at no extra charge. At the moment, there are no hammocks or camping space/tents available to rent. 

PVBG:  Tell us something about the nightlife at Selina Jaco. You have live music? 

Carla:    Yes. Our restaurant and nightlife events are open to the public, We try to have live music for sunset as well as DJ's on the weekends when we are able to. Our happy hour is from 5 pm - 8 pm. 

We have our big event coming soon July 14th to July 16th. Feel free to visit our Facebook page for events and activities updates


 Selina Life

Guests and staff enjoying Selina Jaco's beachfront area

"Selina Jaco wants to give back and make a positive impact on the Jaco community as well as significantly improve the image of Jaco in the eyes of the global traveler."

- Ehab Rashid, Location Manager, Selina Jaco

Thank you so much for your time and energy, Carla and Ehab! Welcome to our Jacò community. Best wishes to you and your staff for an enjoyable stay and success at Selina Jacò. 

Interested travellers can make reservations online with Trip Advisor, Hostel World and Booking, or through the main website


All photos by Phillip Hall and courtesy of Carla Lesano. 










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