National Surfers Share Stoke As Circuito Nacional kölbi Draws Closer January 11 2019

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Sam Reidy going to town at his home break in Playa Dominical. 

The 19th annual National Surfing Circuit in Costa Rica run by the Federation of Surf will kickoff at the end of this month. The much anticipated beginning of the tour will take place at the popular beach town of Playa Dominical on January 26th and 27th.

Sponsored by kölbi, the largest telecommunications company in Costa Rica, the tour will include seven contest dates, one each month leading up to the Grand Reef Final in Playa Hermosa in July.  

National surfers have come to rely on the national circuit as a vehicle for both training and competing against other surfers. it is also the most recognized platform for surfers secure a spot on the national surfing teams. Both the Open and Junior National Teams compete each year at the prestigious International Surfing Association World Surfing Games. 

Rubiana Brownell, 2018 champion, Open, Junior Women and Girls. Courtesy, Rubiana. 

We checked in with six of the top surfers in last year's national rankings for both the Boys and Girls categories: Aaron Ramirez, Sam Reidy, Darshan Antequera, Rubiana Brownell, Valeria Ojeda and Paulina Summers. All have competed in both national and international competitions and share the same stoke about this year's Circuito Nacional kölbi.   The following are excerpts of their answers:

What do you like best about the beach town of Dominical and the wave?

Sam: I like Dominical because of the raw power and the culture. There are also some sick little rippers that just shred and drive me to become better

Rubiana:   It has a great vibe, everyone is super friendly, but my favorite part is probably the food!
My favorite part of the wave is its consistency in size while still being able to hold good shape.

Aaron:  What I really love about Dominical is how the wave is super long and fun. It works in all tides and sometimes it has really good barrels.


Aaron Ramirez, 2018 Boys champion. Naturally passionate at his home break in Playa Jaco. Photo Jorge Russell

Paulina: I love the town, it is super cute and I like how everything is really close and easy to find. The wave can be really fun. It has power so you can power surf through it. 

Valeria:  About the town, the Nauyaca Waterfall!! I love the wave because it barrels, is really fast and perfect for hitting it in the pocket.

"We are very excited to start this new year. There's going to a lot of competitions for our athletes. Many want to participate on National Surfing Teams for the Open, Junior, in the Pan American Games, in the Central American Games... 

This year the Federation will make many changes and we have a lot of surprises in this Circuito Nacional. We want to reach more of the public and also have more benefits and because of this we are making alliances with a lot of media venues." -  Randall Chaves, President, Federation of Surf Costa Rica


Paulina Summers, always improving her game. Playa Hermosa. Photo Fredo Barquero 

How have you been preparing for this year's Kolbi's Championship Tour? 

Sam:  I have been preparing for the circuito by training in my Gym and surfing 4-5 hours a day minimum.

Aaron: Trying to do new maneuvers and making my surfing more solid. 

Great friends go the distance. Aaron Ramirez and Sam Reidy competed and trained in Ventura, California last year at Ripcurl Grom Search. Courtesy, Sam 

Darshan:  I’ve been preparing mentally and physically, surfing as much as I can.  

Darshan Antequera, fins way out. Trestles, San Clemente, CA. Photo Ridge Ben Ben

Paulina:  I’ve been focusing on building up my physical training most of all. I'm excited to see what this year will bring. 

Valeria:  By working on my technique, style and trying to do new new maneuvers. 

Valeria Ojeda knows the importance of cross training. Courtesy, Valeria.  

Rubiana:  I've been really focusing on eating healthier, running mock heats to become more comfortable mentally about being timed, and working out a lot.

Favorite break of all the surf spots on the Circuit and why?

Darshan:   I love Santa Teresa because there are always great waves and the place is beautiful.

Paulina:   Guiones. It has consistent good surf and one of the funnest spots I have surfed around Costa Rica. It was a bummer to see them take it out last year, so I'm stoked to see it back on the list.

Rubiana:  That's a tough one but probably Santa Teresa because it's almost always fun and surfable at all tides and conditions, which make it a perfect wave to have an event.

Valeria:  I love Cocles! Every time I compete there I get good results. It's super peaceful and can surf Salsa Brava. 

Aaron:  My favorite wave of Costa Rica is Marbella and my favorite wave of the national circuit is Dominical.

Playa Dominical. Tortilla Flats. Courtesy, Federation of Surf Costa Rica, Photo Fredo Barquero


Come out to cheer our national surfers at the kickoff of the Cirucito Nacional kolbi in Playa Dominical the weekend of January 26th and 27th. 

To enter the event, register through the Federation of Surf Costa Rica website.  Registration is already open online. You can register at the beach in Dominical at Tortilla Flats on the Friday, January 25th between 12 and 4 p.m. Follow the FSC on facebook and instagram @fedesurfcr.

We looking forward to seeing you there to support Costa Rica national surf and wish the best of luck and waves to ALL competitors.  

Special thanks to Aaron, Rubiana, Sam, Darshan, Valeria and Paulina for sharing some of your stoke and photos.

Thank you Randall and the Federation of Surf Costa Rica for your time, energy and providing important information as the 19th season of the Circuito Nacional gets ready to unleash.