National Surfers Lisbeth Vindas and Jair Perez Stay Motivated Outside of the Sea April 01 2020

Lisbeth Vindas at the National Surfing Circuit's second date, Copa Almonds and Corals in Puerto Viejo, Limon. Photo: Fabian Sanchez/Surfing Nation 

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The global pandemic of the Corona Virus has created a lot of changes across the world, also to the beloved country of Costa Rica. With the efforts to control the spread of the virus, the government has declared that people should stay home. 

While the beaches and other public places are closed for the time being, many surfers feel like fish out of water. The National Surf Federation has called on the surf community to be an example to others by not paddling out.

Jaco residents and national surfers Lisbeth Vindas Diaz and Jair Pérez Quirós spoke yesterday about how they are managing life outside of the sea.

How do you stay motivated and positive in these moments of pandemic?

Lisbeth: I am staying motivated at home with my family. We are all together and we do exercises, cook, play on the patio with the children. I do a lot of housework, for a mom the housework is never finished, ha ha. 

Jair: Well, when I arrived in Costa Rica from my last competition in Florida, I decided to stay home and also made a decision to have a better schedule with my hours. In the morning, I do my daily routine - reading my bible, praying, playing guitar, praying for people who have asked me for their prayers.


Lisbeth helps her eight year old son Yulian with his schoolwork daily. 

How are you managing Yulian at home during this time?

Lisbeth: I take several hours a day to study with Yulian taking the role of his teacher to study and also learn English. At night we usually watch a movie or play with the skateboards, things like that.

Yulian likes to be at home a lot. He spends time with Iriani, my niece, so together they play Legos or ride bikes in front of the house when they are not studying.

I'm also teaching Yulian how to do things around the house, like washing the dishes, cooking smaller things, so that he grows up with the value of cleaning (limpieza).

What are the plans for Vindas Surf School?

People who have reservations have only postponed them. I have faith that when everything returns to normal, the classes will resume and even more strongly because people will value the sea, the sport, the possibilities and the blessings that we have, realizing what we love the most about surfing. 


Jair Perez at the ISA World Surfing Games 2019 with teammate Carlos Munoz. Photo: Sean Evans/ISA 

How are you keeping fit at home?

Jair:  In the afternoon, I do some stretching and if I can train three times a week physically I do it. Cooking at home, having healthy snacks and also sleeping the necessary hours are very important.

Lisbeth: I excercise at home every day to stay in shape. I do the routines that Suzetty from the Fitness Studio at Jaco walk puts on facebook. They are created by her and other professionals. (Plus I dance with the family almost every day!)


Jair with his wife Amanda in North Carolina, U.S.A.

What is the biggest challenge for you and your family?

Jair: My biggest challenge is to be without my son and my wife, for almost more than one month now. Also, not being able to go surfing and practice this sport that is so necessary for us.
However, I have my faith and my protection that is Jesus .. and I know that very soon everything will return to normal.

Lisbeth with son Yulian and her new nephew Izan from her sister Sally. 

A positive message for the people of Jaco?

Jair: We just have to follow the rules and it is best to stay home as much as we can right now, just going out to buy what is necessary such as food, cleaning supplies etc.

It is a good time to rest, to enjoy the family, to learn, to plan things, and above all to rest in God ... and learn more about God in our individual personal relationship. - Jair Perez Quiros

Lisbeth: We need to have a lot of faith and hope. It is a difficult time right now, but it will also be good for the world to take a breath. All of us will learn to value the importance of our families and the blessings we have. Together we will support each other to get out of this situation.

With all of this happening in the world, we are going to learn to become more human. And have more solidarity and learn to see what is really important. - Lisbeth Vindas


Pura Vida Board Gear New Year's Eve day, 2019, Jair and Lisbeth meet with Pura Vida Board Gear at Jaco Beach. Photo: Kate Hanley

Personal photos courtesy of Lisbeth Vindas and Jair Perez.

Author's Note: The ISA (International Surfing Association) announced at the time of this publication that the World Surfing Games are being postponed until further notice. More details are here in the article by Surfing Republic. Lisbeth and Jair are both surfers that are being considered for the National Team to represent Costa Rica at these Games in El Salvador. 

Author: Kate Hanley, Pura Vida Board Gear. Follow me on instagram @puravidaboardgear