Fundameco's First Surf Inclusive Event of 2019 Saturday March 3rd In Playa Tamarindo February 25 2019

Fundameco is a non-profit organization founded on 2011 that aims to promote the integral social inclusion of people with disabilities within Costa Rican communities. For almost two years, Fundameco has held Surfing Inclusive Days at different beaches of Costa Rica like Jaco, Quepos, CIeneguita and Puerto Viejo, Limon. This year they will kick off their first Surf Inclusive on March 3rd at Playa Tamarindo.  

Fundameco and Plura are both groups that promote social inclusión for the disabled through education, coexistence and innovation. Plura works as a social enterprise. "We provide consulting services on labor inclusion for people with disabilities, accessibility and inclusive tourism, to companies from all industries, additionally to public and private institutions. With our help, they become more inclusive and accessible organizations," says Johana Cerdas, both President and Founder of Fundameco.  

Who makes up the staff of Fundameco besides yourself?

Maricela Retana (Comunication), Beatriz Cascos (Innovation and inclusive design), María Fournier (Executive Director), Caro Aguilar (Inclusive alliances/ Surf coach)  

Surf Inclusive Origins

Who initiated the idea for Surfing Inclusive?  

Jornadas de Surf Inclusivo was an idea that started with me and Natalia "Naty" Vindas. Naty is now part of the Costa Rica Adaptive Surf Team and she also works as a consultant in accesibility for PLURA and Fundameco.

Fundameco and the Jornadas de Surf Inclusivo facilitates the integration of people with disabilities within the rest of their environment so that they are better received and appreciated, with their skills and talents, wherever they are. 

 “Surf Inclusivo”uses the sport of surfing as a tool to improve each person's physical and mental condition. Consequently, it has a positive affect on relationships and autonomy. We believe that surfing can improve lives of individuals with physical disabilities and those who help them.

Who are the collaborators for the Surf Inclusive events? 

We work with many volunteers around the country, surf instructors, therapists, educators, hotels and restaurants owners that has helped us to make this dream came true for hundreads of kids, youth and adults. Selina Hostels, Caribe Surf Team, Hotel Club del Mar, Christians Surfers, and non profit organizations such as Sendero Oportunidades and Best Buddies for example have all been involved. 

I enjoy investing time in teaching and training people who are passionate about supporting the Surfing Inclusive events, like Ariel Gutierrez from Hermosa Riders. I'm also training up younger girls to be able to assist with this hobby and sport, that they may have an inclusive heart and mind. - Caro Aguilar, Surf Inclusive coach.

Caro Aguilar in Cartagena, Colombia where she received her Tandem certification for Surfing Inclusive activities.

Is there a "cupo limitado" (maximum number of participants) ?

There is a cupo limitado for each Jornada so we can guarantee everyone´s security and fun. 25 participants with any kind of disabilities and about 40 volunteers who will help as water marshalls and also in the beach activities. 

Tamarindo Surf Inclusive Jornada 

Who is invited?

For this event we invited people with disabilities from different areas of Guanacaste.  Most of the volunteers are also from the commmunity. Some people from San Jose (chepenos) will travel to be part of the Jornada as well. 

What are the hours of event? What is the cost? Do you need volunteers?  

The Jornada is from 9:00 am-1:00 pm. There will also be inclusive games at the beach and LESCO lessons at the beach.  It is a free event. We still need more volunteers with experience in surfing.

Will any of the members of the National Adaptive Surf team be helping at the event? 

Baldir Vallejos, who lives in Santa Cruz and is part of the Adaptive Surf Team will be joining us. 

Final Note 

Are there more Surfing Inclusive "fechas" planned?

There will definitley more dates in Guanacaste, Nosara and Limón this year. We encourage people to check out updates on our website

Fundameco is for everybody, with or without disabilities - Johana Cerdas 

To participate or volunteer for the Saturday, March 3rd event call or message 8819-3358 on WhatsApp. 


All photos courtesy of Johana Cerdas and Carolina Aguilar.

Surf Inclusive photos are from December 2018 event in front of Club del Mar. 

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