Costa Rica National Surf Team Ready To Charge ISA World Surfing Games August 31 2018


In spite of the rain on the second day of training, Costa Rica's National Surf Team shined. Their two day preparation for the ISA World Surfing Games took place just two weeks before the international event which will be held in Tahara, Japan. With camp set up in front of the Beach Break Resort in Playa Jaco, Coaches Jim Hogan and Assistant Freddie Wiggins worked together to create a quality agenda for the surfers including drills, scored heats and a spirit of fun permeating through it.

The World Surfing Games will begin with an opening ceremony and parade on September 15th with competition enduring until the 22nd. 


The three men who make up the National Surfing Team are Tomas King, who competes regularly on the WQS (World Qualifying Series) Tour, Anthony Fillingim, 2018 Open Mens National Champion, and Jair Perez, winner of La Gran Reef Final Open Mens category. Noe Mar McGonagle of Pavones joined them for the training along with Jose Joaquin "JJ" Lopez. Noe Mar currently holds 50th position on the WQS Ranking for this year. His sister, Leilani, is busy competing in both Women's and Junior Women's WQS events. 

"Surfing at low tide was good practice. I enjoyed the unity of the team during training" - Tomàs King

Coral Wiggins knows the rewards and advantages of discipline. The goofy-footed surfer is ready to hit Tahara's left break. 

The trio of women going to Japan inludes Coral Wiggins of Avellanas and Eva Luna Woodland of Florida, both of whom compete in WQS events abroad. Add Zulay Martinez to the mix and you get a force of three powerful, experienced surfer girls. Eva enjoys dual citizenship as her Mom Ileana is Tica. 

Eva Luna Woodland

"Only a surfer knows the feeling" 

Invited nationals Indiana Ferri, Julisa Matamoros Umaña, and Rachel Aguero lended friendly competition for the other girls. They also took advantage of an invaluable opportunity to learn from Costa Rica's finest, under the tutelage of Hogan. 

Julisa Matamoros Umaña, invited guest


President of the Federation of Surf Costa Rica (FSC) Randall Chaves and Publicist Carlos Brenes were on hand to make sure everything ran smoothly. Their national and international experience is reflected in the naturally professional way in which they conduct FSC sanctioned events.

Mario Rios, the nutritionist for the FSC, was also present for the training. Mario gives both tips and recommendations to the national surfers collectively and also individually, based on unique metabolisms and body types. Read more about nutrition for our national surfers here. 

Mario Rios and Jim Hogan, scoring waves

While Carlos still assists the FSC with events and publicity when he can, he recently earned a coveted position as an announcer for the "big leagues," the World Surf League.  


Jim Hogan is a former Professional Surfer on the WCT (World Championship Tour) who has coached many of Costa Rica's finest surfers, including Carlos Muñoz who is actively competing in WQS events internationally along with Noe Mar. He offers his world class experience and an ability to adapt training and competition strategy to surfers of all levels. By filling the training days with scored heats, drills and contests "where everyone wins", the momentum continued to build over the two days. Having the surfers compete in heats at low tide was one way that Hogan helped to prepare the "Seleccionados" for any kind of wave conditions they may face. 

Mario Rios leads the team in calesthenics 

"Jim made the surfing fun. He would run ten minutes heats where only your highest wave counted. In another heat, only your fourth wave. The kids had a great time."  Freddie Wiggins, Assistant Coach

Based on the energy and excellence displayed over the last two days, the results are in. The Costa Rica National Surfing Team is ready for the ISA World Surfing Games.

ISA Mundial/World Surfing Games 2018 Schedule

Fri, Sept 14:

Team Arrival and On-Site Check-In

Sat, Sept 15:

Parade of Nations and Open Ceremony

Potential start to Competition

Sun. Sept 16 – Sat. Sept 22

  • Competition
  • ** The Open Men’s Division will end no later than Friday, Sept 21 
  • The Open Women’s Division scheduled to end on September 22, dependent on timing and conditions

Check out ISA Surfing website for more information and updates. Stay informed about results and upcoming heats for Costa Rica's surfers through the Federation of Surf Costa Rica website, Facebook page and instagram @fedesurfcr 

                                  ¡VAMOS TICOS!

All photos by Freddie Wiggins courtesy of Federation of Surf Costa Rica 

Special thanks to the Federation for helping to coordinate this article