Part 2 Lisbeth Vindas Diaz Celebrates 20 Years of Surfing July 28 2015

Here is Part 2 of our interview with Costa RIca's National Champion, Lisbeth Vindas Diaz of Playa Jacó

Explain how you have been able to balance being a wife and Mom with your surfing lifestyle. 

I work really hard to have a balance between everything. None of this would be possible without Donald Vega of He put me through a rigorous physical program and managed my lifestyle, including nutrition, mental and emotional health. I learned so much from him; he made me believe in what I do. His teachings and philosophies are something that every surfer and human being should experience at least once in life. He succeeded in helping me stay active and in a state of constant improvement at an age when most people (pro surfers) think of retiring. 

He helped me so I can share my passion with my family. We all work together. Diego is an amazing Dad. Julian is a very good kid and we try to enjoy everything we do as a family.  Julian is already riding waves, so hopefully we can continue to enjoy that together, catching waves as a family.

I believe I'm very blessed and am very thankful for this huge opportunity. Diego and I want to do a lot for the younger kids so they can improve and be professional and go around the world, enjoying this sport. 

Two surfing friends of yours are Leilani McGonagle and Paola Rodriguez. Describe what these friendships mean to you. 

Well, I'm so happy I can be an example for Paola and Leilani-- well, Leilani is sometimes more of an example for me!

 I believe by working together we can do great things; they are amazing people. I'm happy I found them on this incredible journey because they are both really good friends. They work really hard and I wish and pray for them that they can achieve their goals and dreams. I hope I can be part of that and even help them if I can. It's funny because we are always working hard to beat each other (in the contests) but in the end we are friends. It makes me work and train harder , it's great. I really enjoy competing against them. 

Leilani and her family are like my family too. I have known them since Leilani was growing up. 

What is a challenge or personal goal that you have for the coming year? 

Costa Rica is starting to get becas (scholarships) from the government. I think I'm going to try to do some QS (Qualifying Series) events next year with Leilani if it's possible, internationally. The government will give us the money and we have to use it otherwise they will take it back. (laughs :) ) So I think it's a great opportunity. Ever since the Mundial, we are getting more opportunities for our careers so I will take advantage of that and keep working hard. 

Next year, hopefully we'll see some WSL's in Costa Rica (World Surf League competitions) and big stars can come and do the QS (Qualifying Series) here. I'd like to work with Diego and find more potential with some of the new kids. 

I'm not worried about competing and winning next year... I'm going to keep competing but it won't be my main thing (laughs). 

Well, I talk too much! Let me know if you need or want to know anything else and thank you so much. 

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Kate is the owner of Pura Vida Board Gear, a surf brand that promotes surf and a quality, positive lifestyle. Currently living near Playa Jacó, Costa Rica. she enjoys connecting with the culture and diversity of the community. Connect with her on instagram @puravidaboardgear Find Pura Vida Board Gear on Facebook. Subscribe to email list here.  Photo: Jorge A. Russell, Playa Jaco