Costa Rica captures the Gold at ISA Mundial, World Surfing Championships June 08 2015

Yesterday, Costa Rica sealed their first place victory at the ISA Mundial with Noe Mar McGonagle's first place finish in the men's final. The victory was the "icing on the cake" of an emotionally charged week of power surfing by the Tico team. This year's event was held in Popoyo, Nicaragua.

Coming off the heals of winning the Gold the day before in the Aloha Cup, in which Anthony Fillingim especially rose to the occasion, yesterday's event held many precious moments. Carlos Muñoz surfed heart and soul, working his way through the repercharge rounds, only to get put out in the final seconds in a last attempt to score the nine point wave needed to pass the heat. 

Leilani McGonagle succeeded in passing all her repercharge heats to secure a place in the Women's Final. Throughout the heat, Leilani was in fourth place with several minutes to go, before scoring a wave in the final minutes to put her into second place, accomplishing Sub Champion status and a silver medal. The heat was won by Tia Blanco, of the USA team, who was the last member of the USA to still be in the competition. Tia surfed flawlessly and is to be commended for capturing the gold in this exciting final. She was overwhelmed and expressed gratitude following the event.

Following Leilani's outstanding performance, her brother Noe Mar McGonagle, entered the Men's Final and dominated the heat brilliantly with spot on surfing and power moves. His first place position was actually never seriously threatened throughout the twenty five minute heat.

The Costa Rica Team consisted of Carlos Muñoz, Anthony Fillingim, Jason Torres, Lisbeth Vindas and Leilani McGonagle. The team came together as a family and Carlos credits this as a key ingredient to the team's overall win. In a post on his fan page he gives thanks to the support from all people, gives glory to God, and goes on to say we as human beings need to be more united,more of a family, to fulfill the goals of peace and love through doing what we love. 

#HastaLaVictoria Congratulations Costa Rica. Long live the true Pura Vida spirit.

Photo Credits : Federación de Surf Costa Rica. Also, on hand to photograph the event were present 7Mares Magazine, Surfing Nation and Johan Pacheco.