Custom Boardsocks Available at Pura Vida Board Gear June 12 2014

Pura Vida Board Gear specializes in making custom board socks to the specific measurements of your board.

Order your custom boardsock through by choosing the "custom" option or find us on Facebook under Pura Vida Board Gear.

Send us a message! We are always happy to hear from you. :) 

Meg Marshall, owner of La Flor Paradise Villa and Surf, in her backyard with her new 6'2 custom boardsock. In Playa Jacó, Costa Rica.



Kate is the owner of Pura Vida Board Gear, a surf brand that promotes surf and a quality, positive lifestyle. Currently living near Playa Jacó, Costa Rica. she enjoys connecting with the culture and diversity of the community. Connect with her on instagram @puravidaboardgear Find Pura Vida Board Gear on Facebook. Subscribe to email list here.  Photo: Jorge A. Russell, Playa Jaco