Brittany Marie: Chasing Big Waves and Dreams on Hawaii's North Shore April 02 2016

Brittany Marie (Brittany Gomulka) is a twenty nine year old big wave professional surfer and our new team rider/ambassador living on the North Shore of Hawaii. Originally from New Jersey, she grew up surfing the cold stormy waves of the Jersey Shore and, wanting to push her limitations and craving bigger surf, she made the decision to surf the more powerful waves in Hawaii.

This decision was realized after meeting native Hawaiian Sturmar Ahsing who believed in her abilities, sense of awareness, and began to train her on the outer reefs of Oahu.

"Once I began surfing in this way, I fell in love with surfing all over again."  

She began to work hard at building a community that supports more coverage of women surfing big waves and future competitions to offer other talented professionals the opportunity to perform, earn sponsorship, prize money, and recognition for this exciting genre in women's surfing.


Photo: Bob Foster @foster_and_sons

Photo: Larry Haynes @fluid_vision

Favorite Hangout - My house! Or on a secluded beach away from everybody hahahahahaha

When im not training...  I work very hard waiting tables and bartending (a job i love) which keeps me fit and active. I'm constantly surrounded by many people on a daily basis at work so i enjoy finding solace at a quiet place outdoors such as the beach.

Big wave training tips...  I meditate, play in the ocean like going moonlight surfing!!! I do timed breathing drills, stretch on a daily basis, take long walks and surf or swim regularly to stay in shape.

Favorite Hawaiin food -  Fresh pounded poi and poke. Also lau lau is amazing too (pulled pork steamed in taro leaves).

Recently Brittany was chosen as one of seven female big wave riders to compete in "The Womens Expression Session" on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. It was the first ever of its kind and held in heavy conditions with waves with twenty foot plus faces on March 6, 2016.  Competitors arrived at Haleiwa Harbor to be part of The Go Big Project 's television show.

The contest footage will all be included in the television production "Chasing Monsters," with plans to be broadcast around the world. To the surprise of the production crew, the competitors decided unaminously to split the prize money evenly. All the girls caught great rides, handled heavy wipeouts, hold downs and clean up sets. There were no injuries reported and no broken boards. :) 


Photo by Betty Depolito @bonzaibetty - Womens Expression Session surfers for The Go Big Project's up and coming TV show "Chasing Monsters" @thegobigproject

 Left to right: Brittany Marie, Polly Ralda, Silvia Nabuco, Raquel Heckert, Carly Wilson, Wrenna Delgado, Emi Erickson


"The Go Big Project isn't just a company, it's a force of nature, just like the storms that we follow. I couldn't be more proud of this team and I can't wait to show the world what we've been working on." says Miranda Winters, Partner and President of the Go Big Project, an award winning production company based in Los Angeles, CA.


Photo: @surfshooterhawaii Terry Reis. Brittany, holding her own.



Brittany teaching youth through the Borough of Seaside Park, New Jersey


Currently, Brittany and a group of professionals are organizing a campaign to hold an all women’s surfing competition at Waimea Bay, Oahu.

Recently they received the great news that the World Surf League is going to fund the event.

She says, "If you are interested in competing in this event, endorsing women’s big wave surfing, or becoming a sponsor in the future, please send a written statement to Please address  it “To Whom It May Concern” and include your full name and  hand written signature" Include any photos."


We are honored to have Britt representing Costa Rica's Pura Vida Board Gear on the North Shore; we love her passion and stoke!

You can follow her on instagram @surfgirlbrit. Also please like her facebook athlete page Brittany Gomulka to show your support. A big Aloha and Mahalo, Brittany!

Special thanks to @shannonreporting for providing some of the info about The Womens Expression Session and The Go Big Project. 

Brittany with Coach and life partner, Sturmar Ahsing 


All photos courtesy of Brittany Marie and the photographers mentioned above @surfshooterhawaii Terry Reis, @bonzaibetty Betty Depolito @fluid_visions Larry Hayne and @foster_and_sons Bob Foster.